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Besame – 360

ACHE LAUNCHES THE FIRST 360º VIDEO IN LATIN AMERICA ACHE launches his new single “BESAME” and he does it by breaking new barriers. Not only does he launch the video but he does it simultaneously in 360, the first time ever in Latin America and Canada....

Society Toronto Newspaper

FIRST LATIN – Canadian filming a Reality Show for an International TV Many Artist are looking to make a difference trying to pursue success in this business and Hector Hernandez is doing it differently and promising BIG. This is like a fairy tale for me and my dreams...

Luna el video

La historia detrás de Luna es un drama que se repite a lo largo del tiempo, el clamor y dolor de los amantes que perdieron a quien más aman. Grabado en la ciudad canadiense de Toronto, el cinematógrafo, productor y director principal Michael Rosas co-produjo junto a...